What is Cyborg Anthropology?

Cyborg Anthropology is a way of exploring how we live as a connected species.

A Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology explores topics such as junk sleep, hyperlinked memories, panic architecture, the quantified self, and how humans are changing through the use of technology.

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Technology is intertwined with almost every aspect of our lives. Our cell phones, cars and laptops have turned us into cyborgs. What does it mean to have an online persona? How is technology changing the way we work, live and play? How do our tools influence the way we interact with the world?

Panic Architecture

Panic architecture is a term used to describe a participatory architecture that demands compulsive interaction or attention. Facebook is the most potent form of panic architecture because families and friends can panic each other or be heavily affected by photo posts and status updates.

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Sighborg describes a person who has become a low-tech cyborg[1] through gradual adaptation and acquisition of technical capabilities and external prosthetics.

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Elastic Time

Elastic Time, also known as plastic time, describes a modern experience that is highly interruptible, shrinking and expanding around immediate concerns, and interleaving through multiple activities.

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